Fulton Food Grade Baking Paper

Fulton international industry limited Is a company engaged in paper products ,specialized in food wrapping paper and paper products processing, the main products are oven paper, parchment, greaseproof paper, silicone oil paper, Hamburg paper, waxed paper, paper, food wrapping paper, sandwich cake cup, white kraft paper, tissue paper, etc.Company's main customers currently are: Fulton international industrial co., LTD., wal-mart, metro, KFC, WOWS supermarkets, etc.

  • Parchment Baking Paper

    Parchment Baking Paper

  • Hamburger Paper

    Hamburger Paper

  • Butcher Paper

    Butcher Paper

  • Wax Paper

    Wax Paper

  • Candy Paper

    Candy Paper

  • Butter Paper

    Butter Paper

  • Coffee Filter Paper

    Coffee Filter Paper

  • cupcake paper

    cupcake paper

As an important role of food packaging field in the global market, Fulton is running a full-service operation with excellent production capacity to supply various types of food package paper products. According to ISO 9001 and QS, BRC and SEDEX, we have built up our factory environment comparable to food production standards and the manufacturing process has accomplished world-class production automation. We have the largest silicon machine station and fully  automatic processing lines.