BBQ Buther Paper

Paper barbecue has a special paper to use, called oil paper, looks like oil wax paper feeling, Taobao can be bought, the price is not expensive.I saw and Baidu to the paper roast is baked with an electric oven, have not seen with charcoal fire with oil paper barbecue.If it's a charcoal fire, you have to use tin foil, which will also be used in baking.See the figure for the specific appearance of the oil paper:

The roast paper is "roast paper."

The roast paper is made of wood pulp, double coated with silicone.It has non-sticky, waterproof, oil prevention, as well as high heat resistance (230℃) characteristics, suitable for baking, barbecue, steaming and frozen food.

There are many uses of barbecue paper, which can prevent sticking to the pot when making barbecue, and it is hygienic and beautiful.This is also a new way of barbecue, barbecue is with up and down two layers of electric oven, covered with special barbecue with white paper, on the paper after oil daub roughly evenly, the meat or other kinds of food on the paper, after electric heating, the food on the paper will be baked, and then dipped in the corresponding seasoning can be eaten.