grease proof paper

In a broad sense of Greaseproof paper, it refers to the paper that can prevent oil absorption and infiltration. In a narrow sense, it refers to a kind of paper made by using bleaching, semi-drifting or undrifting chemical wood pulp through high beating pulp treatment. Also include paper types that are produced by adding slurry or coating oil on the surface to resist the penetration and absorption of oil.

The quantification of the product can be as low as 20g / m2, depending on the user requirements. Have a certain strength and higher smoothness, but low air permeability. This kind of paper is subjected to a strong pulp effect because of the fiber, the fiber binding points are many, the gap degree of the paper page is very low, the transparency is higher. Therefore, the penetration and absorption of oil can be prevented.

With chemical wood pulp by high viscosity pulp, copied on the long mesh paper machine, or by oil-resistant coating (casein type, varnish type, hot melt or resin type, silicate type) coating processing made.

Widely used in the packaging of food and other oily items.