Baking Oven On The Baking Paper

baking paper is very popular in the market, and is generally used on fried meat.There are many uses of baking paper, can prevent the pot, and health and beautiful.This is also a new way of barbecue barbecue, is the up and down two layers of electric oven, covered with special barbecue with white paper, pour oil on the paper after daub roughly evenly, the meat or the baking paper food on the paper, after electric heating, paper food will be baked, and then dip in the corresponding seasoning can be eaten.This way of heating up with electricity to barbecue on paper is called a paper barbecue.

1. Make baking tray pad, commonly known as baking sheet paper, used to bake cakes, bread, biscuits, moon cakes, etc., to keep the product appearance beautiful and facilitate batch processing.

2. Make barbecue pad paper, roast vegetables, meat, etc.Avoid the food burnt to produce harmful substances, keep the baking sheet clean.

3. Wrap in sticky, wet items, such as dough, fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, convenient and hygienic.

4. Essential materials for fashionable dishes, wrap the fish with this paper, add the meat with appropriate ingredients or steamed or baked, make the food taste tender and juicy, delicious taste, and clean and hygienic.