Baking paper burning point

Ordinary paper that has not been coated with silicone oil has a low ignition point and cannot be placed in the oven. The oven-specific paper is generally coated with silicone oil and can withstand a high temperature of 220°C. Generally, it should not exceed 30 minutes. Putting the oven paper alone in the oven for a long time when there is no food is also a fire hazard.

Aluminum foil can withstand a high temperature of 400-600 degrees, and the boiling temperature is 100 degrees, the oven is about 200 degrees, and the charcoal fire is about 300 degrees. Generally speaking, there is no need to worry about the elution of heavy metals.

"Food packaging paper" includes: non-heat-sealable tea filter paper, heat-sealable tea filter paper, chicken skin paper, food parchment paper, translucent paper, cellophane, food packaging paper (including waxed paper, coated paper, etc.), food Packaging cardboard (including coated cardboard and white cardboard).

It is not known which of the above types of greased paper are often said in daily life, but the safety issues of greased paper as pastry paper and baking paper are often overlooked. The greased paper sold in the wholesale market is generally just a simple stack. Together, there are no signs on the packaging and products, and hygiene and safety cannot be guaranteed. There are three types of greased paper commonly used in baking today on the market:

Ordinary greaseproof paper

The paper surface of this kind of paper has the brightness of oil-free paper, and its main purpose is to put it under the food when baking bread, baking cakes, and baking biscuits, so as to keep the baking pan clean.


Translucent paper

Many sellers call it oil paper, also known as glassine paper, satin paper, and wax paper. The surface is super calendered and the surface presents a shiny luster. Its usage is basically the same as greaseproof paper, the biggest difference is that it is not greaseproof, and its water resistance is not as good as greaseproof paper.

Food grade silicone oil paper


Food-grade silicone oil is coated on the basis of translucent paper or greaseproof paper through a special process. The advantages of this kind of paper: the peeling degree is very good, the food is not easy to stick to the paper, and it is resistant to high temperature, but the price is more expensive than oil paper and greaseproof paper.