What kind of paper is used for air fryers?

High temperature resistant tinfoil or grease absorbing paper.

Pads of tinfoil or oil-absorbing paper can make the ingredients more evenly heated, locking in food moisture and preventing them from being scorched, while also preventing the walls of the fryer and the bottom of the food basket from sticking to food and sauces, making it easy to clean up after use.

Air fryer grease absorbent paper is actually silicone grease paper, a common type of wrapping paper that is heat resistant, moisture resistant and oil resistant.

Oil-absorbing paper correct using:

1, if not air fryer special oil-absorbing paper generally need to cut out the right size according to the bottom of the air fryer to hold food and keep the inside of the fryer clean, while air fryer special oil-absorbing paper is already cut to size and can be used directly into the fryer.

2、Then lay the air fryer grease absorbent paper flat in the baking pan or frying basket.

3, according to the required cooking time and temperature of food to adjust the time and temperature button, and finally wait for the food to cook through.