How to buy good quality and cheap steamer paper

One cup of two " seems to have become a part of Guangzhou people's daily life can not give up, dry steamed, shrimp dumplings, raw fried buns and so on are delicious, we can not resist, but also the sign of many restaurants.In order to be beautiful and generous and keep the style does not touch the bottom, most of it will be on the mat, due to the use of large reasons, so how to purchase cheap steamer paper has become a lot of restaurants concerned about the problem.Hong Chang read everyone's questions, but also want to answer for you.

But the market food steamer paper quality is uneven, most of the cheap steamer paper have some product quality problems, even in safety and health did not do production standards, not only make cakes is very easy to stick to the steamer, beautiful and generous, will affect the taste of cakes, thus affect the teahouse business and reputation, this kind of inferior steamer paper often use material is not food silicone oil paper, but some ordinary paper, very easy to deformation.

In the face of these problems on the market, Hong Chang, as the production expert of food-grade silicone oil paper, insists on taking quality, constantly improve the process, product research and development of new products.So this food grade steamer paper is imported food grade wood pulp silicone paper, paper white and no fluorescent agent, using professional technology, make paper viscosity good, good permeability, and steam more time-saving effect, but also has high temperature resistant, waterproof, easy stripping, easy to clean, so how to purchase cheap steamer paper, this problem is solved.