The characteristics of butcher paper

The characteristics of butcher paper:


1. Safety;butcher paper, also known as food-grade kraft paper, is made of pure plant fibers. No substances harmful to the human body, such as plasticizers, are added during the production process. Compared with plastic packaging, it is safer and sanitary.

2. Environmentally friendly; butcher paper , as a biodegradable food packaging material, can be used as fertilizer after being degraded, and will not release harmful food to cause harm to the environment

3. Stable performance; moisture-proof and oil-proof. Low temperature resistance, freshness and other characteristics

4. Preferential price: the butcher paper raw materials are naturally grown and packaged, with complete supporting facilities, low production costs. glass, plastic and other packaging, under the packaging effect of packaging, butcher paper will cost as little as ten and twenty resolutions

5. Good printing performance; can meet the requirements of most packaging and printing manufacturers, low printing cost, excellent effect, and diverse varieties

6. With certain strength, strength and elasticity, mechanical properties, as well as foldability, elasticity, etc., it is easy to process into packaging capabilities with various properties, easy to process, easy to realize mechanical processing, and can be suitable for mechanized processing and automated production. It can not only make beautiful packaging by hand, but also facilitate processing. It can be stored and transported before packaging, which saves space and reduces costs.

7. Aesthetics; Compared with plastic, butcher paper  is more convenient for printing, and has a three-dimensional effect when holding items, which is more advanced and can increase the added value of products.

 The difference between butcher paper  and ordinary kraft paper

1. Full wood pulp production

2. Do not add any harmful substances

3. In the manufacturing process of ordinary paper, some special ingredients, such as brighteners, additives, etc., are added, but butcher opaper does not allow any harmful ingredients that are harmful to the body to be added. The production of pulp has a wide range of sources, and the quality of the manufacturing cannot be controlled. Because the regenerated pulp needs to be added with a variety of chemical regeneration and other harmful chemicals when deinking, the regenerated pulp cannot be removed, so it cannot be removed. Stupid does not meet the food-grade requirements that are harmless to the human body, so this book paper can only be used for ordinary packaging

4. butcher paper is made of wood pulp, 100% natural, five harmful substances, and can directly contact food