Baking paper

Baking paper, to be precise, is silicone Baking paper, a kind of siliconized Baking paper . For those who dont play baking, the most likely scene to see it is a self-service barbecue shop. A piece of white translucent paper is placed on the baking tray. It is convenient neither to grease the baking tray nor sticky. Extending the scene to the home, Baking paper can also be used in many ways. In a word, these usages are anti-sticking.


Anyone who has an oven at home probably stocks some rolls of aluminum foil and greased paper. These two things are extremely similar in shape, purpose, and price. Aluminum foil is better than long-term high temperature resistance and variable shape. For example, the foil wrapped perch in the restaurant is actually aluminum foil. Grease paper is better in terms of "non-stick" characteristics. For example, grilled chicken wings full of gum, afraid of sticking to the baking tray, use greased paper; reheat the frozen kabayaki eel, the sauce is sticky, use greased paper; baked biscuits melt Beans are easy to break once they are glued. Use greased paper. (The author still can't overcome the "three-point or so" obsessive-compulsive disorder)


Meat foods such as pork belly and chicken with skin have a lot of fat. Generally, a relatively high temperature is required to melt the fat and fragrant. If the pan at home is heat-resistant and non-sticky, you can dry it in the pan in one step. Of course, a pan that can withstand such a long-term ravages is expensive. When the preheating time of the oven is short in summer, you can also roast the meat for a while. However, a more convenient method is to find an ordinary wok, put a layer of greased paper to fry the meat, the grease is almost out, then the greased paper is pulled out, and continue to cook in the same pot. Stir-fried pork belly with spicy cabbage, sauteed cabbage with bacon, and fatty intestines, etc. can all be done in this way.

Toaster and others

In the early years, I made a lot of Panettone, a kind of bread that meets the addiction formula of "oil: noodles: sugar=1:1:1". Because there is a lot of butter, even if the toaster is adjusted to the minimum, it is still battered. Use greased paper. Wrap the bread slices and heat it up again. There are also some irregularly shaped fillings. They will age quickly when placed at room temperature in cold weather. They must be heated to taste. If you dont have an oven or dont have time to preheat the oven, you can find a thick-bottomed pan with a lid (I Usually use a small cast iron pot), line it with greased paper, cover it and burn it for a while.