Features of meat wrapping paper

1. Safety, butcher paper, also known as food-grade kraft paper, is made of pure plant fibers. No substances harmful to the human body, such as plasticizers, are added during the production process, which is safer and more hygienic than plastic packaging.


2. Environmentally friendly, food-grade kraft paper is a biodegradable food packaging material, which can be used as fertilizer after degradation, and will not release harmful gases to cause harm to the environment


3. Stable performance; moisture-proof and oil-proof. Resistant to low temperature freezing, preservation and other characteristics


4. Affordable price: raw materials grow naturally and have abundant sources. In addition, they are suitable for mechanized large-scale production. The production cost is low. Compared with glass, plastic and other packaging, the cost of food packaging kraft paper is ten to less than that of the same barrier effect. Twenty percent


5. Good printing performance; it can meet the requirements of most packaging and printing manufacturers, with low printing cost, excellent effect, and diverse varieties.


6. Good mechanical properties; it has certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, as well as foldability, elasticity and tearability, etc. It is easy to process into packaging with various properties and expires, and it is easy to realize mechanical processing operations, both It is suitable for mechanized processing and automated production, and it can be hand-made beautiful packaging, and it is convenient for compound processing. It can be folded for storage and transportation before packaging, which saves space and reduces costs.


7. Aesthetics; Compared with plastic, food-grade packaging is more convenient for printing, and has a three-dimensional effect when holding items, which is more advanced and can increase the added value of products.