Types of hamburger papers

As long as the paper used for packaging burgers can be collectively called burger paper, has different uses, and different specifications design, Hangzhou Hongchang Paper Co.

Hamburger paper can be divided into the following categories according to the different materials and colors.

1、Zijinhua multi-color hamburger paper (Zijinhua red hamburger paper, Zijinhua green hamburger paper, Zijinhua coffee-colored hamburger paper)

2、Old Beijing chicken roll hamburger paper.

3、Mexican chicken roll hamburger paper.

4、GoodFood coffee-colored hamburger paper.

5、Hamburger coffee-colored hamburger paper.

6、Green hamburger paper for the hamburger.

7、Crispy chicken hamburger wrapping paper;

8、Happy hamburger paper.

9、Orange hamburger paper for the hamburger.