How to use Parchment baking paper

Use as a pad. Spread directly on the bottom of the pan, which I use most when baking small cookies.

Like a bacon floss egg roll, because there is no oil, a piece of greased paper can be used several times.

Use as a container. You can lay a layer against the inside of the mold, which is suitable for some molds that are not easy to demould, and when you want to package them separately.

You can also make sandwiches like this, not only to eat them without getting your hands dirty, but also to change the tricks for children, and they will eat more deliciously immediately.

Used for separation. In the beginning, I used it to store meat filling, divided the meat filling into fixed size portions, sandwiched between two sheets of oiled paper, and then refrigerated them. Every time you use it, take out a quantitative portion (two or three if not enough), because the Parchment baking paper does not stick, so it is better than putting it in a plastic bag.

It can also be used as a butcher shop. Put the seasoned meat filling between two sheets of oiled paper, roll it into a thin slice with a rolling pin, bake it in the oven, brush with honey water and sprinkle some sesame seeds in the middle. It's bad to buy outside, but you can rest assured to eat.