Oil-absorbing Paper
Oil-absorbing paper
Oil-absorbing paper is ideal for absorbing the oil from fried dishes and also for general household purposes. It works like a
sponge to soak up excess oil from greasy cooked foods such as pizza, soup, French fries, fried shrimp,etc. Absorbs 3-5 times its
weight in oil without falling apart or leaving lint in food.
food grade oil absorbing paper

Our Advantages:

1. Professional, specialized paper factory only for foodservice industry, over 11 years.
2. Strict quality control, from paper manufacturing to printing, slitting, rewinding to packing.
3.Quality guaranteed, supplier of KFC, Woolworths, Metro, Willton, Jana etc.
4. Foods safety,  Kosher, SGS and ISO certified.
5. Paper customized as per customers' requirements.
What's the paper used for?

With strong oil adsorption, no back leak of oil and water, and fried food is not easy to become soft, easy to use. Suitable for oily fried food such as fried chicken, french fries and chicken chips.

1. Durable even when saturated, doesn't stick to food and won't fall apart or leave lint on food 2. Meet requirements for direct food contact 3. Biodegradable, Cost-effective, eco-friendly, 4. Size: 20 * 25cm, 35 x 25 cm

oil absorbing sheets