Freezer paper

Freezer paper, from the point of view of use is actually very similar to wax paper, both are used for freezing preservation. But the difference is that freezer paper is coated with plastic on one side, so its preservation effect is much better than wax paper.

Freezer paper is a thick paper with a plastic or wax coating on one side. It is different from uncoated parchment paper and wax paper that has a coating on both sides.

Freezer paper is traditionally used to wrap meat for freezing. The meat would be wrapped on the waxed side to protect the surface of the meat as well as prevent moisture loss, but the paper on the outside meant it was a surface that could be written on for labeling purposes.

Grocery stores often use freezer paper for their meat or seafood counters. This type of paper is preferred because the plastic side prevents meat and seafood juices from soaking and leaking.

In addition to meat and seafood, freezer paper is a great material to wrap cheese around and allow it to breathe, but not dry out. It is also used for craft projects like fabric and quilting prints.