Can the air fryer put the oil paper?

Can the air fryer put the oil paper?

Air fryer can put oil paper, the main purpose is to absorb oil when use air fryer, but because the air fryer uses the working principle of high-speed air circulation technology.Air fryer with hot air to complete the food heating process, the internal essence is a high-power fan to form an air flow inside, and then the heat pipe will transfer heat to the air, heat in the closed space, to complete the full heating of food.So when the use air fryer choose large diameter will be better than small size,the food to press, otherwise the air will blow the excess paper on the heating pipe to cause combustion, some people do so, and then there are burned, so be careful.

I still recommend the use of oil absorption paper, the benefits of using oil paper are the following:

1. Oil-absorbing paper can be easily folded into various shapes, which is easy to wrap around food and is suitable for all types of dishes.

2. Oil-absorbing paper can accelerate the temperature increase, make the heat more uniform, and accelerate the time of food maturity.

3. Oil-absorbing paper can keep the moisture of the food and make the food better retain the taste.

4. Protect the fuselage, easy to clean, throw with use, convenient and fast.

Or you can directly choose air fryer paper, choose to buy suitable for your oven fixed size of air fryer paper, air fryer paper is oven paper, so it has the advantages of non-stick, oil, waterproof.To prevent in the process of cooking oil and water will dirty the frying pan, the thickness of the air fryer paper will be thinner than the general oven paper, so the air fryer paper can ensure that not dirty the fryer does not affect the taste of food