Food Grade Wrapping Paper

Food grade wrapping paper products are pulp and cardboard as the main raw materials, the raw materials used in wood, bamboo is a plant that can be cut and recycled; reed, bagasse, cotton poles, wheat straw are rural residues. These are all resources that can be nurtured and reused. Plastic packaging ends up consuming oil, which is a non-renewable resource. Therefore, food grade wrapping paper, plastic wrapping and other packaging compared with, more advantages in the resource utilization, enjoy a very good ecological reputation in the market, paper packaging products not only can be recycled, many paper packaging products are made of recycled waste paper products can be fertilizer, in a few months will be decomposed into sunlight, moisture and oxygen into water, carbon dioxide and several inorganic substances. Therefore, in the world is paying very much attention to the earth and the environment that we live on today, paper packaging products and plastic, metal, glass three major packaging, are identified as the most promising and promising "green packaging" materials, and are highly respected and favored by the world.