What kind of paper is wrapping the burger package?

What kind of paper is wrapping the burger package?

Burger wrapping paper is usually wrapped with drizzle wrapping paper, the hamburger wrapping paper gram weight is between 60-100g, many friends will ask Xiaobian what is drizzle wrapping paper? Don't worry next let xiaobian to give you a detailed introduction of the film paper.

Film shower paper is the composite material that coats the plastic particles on the paper surface through the flow extension machine. The main feature is that the composite material can prevent oil, be waterproof (relative), and can heat and close. Different uses take its different characteristics: when used for packaging hamburgers, take its oil prevention characteristics. McDonald's is 80 degrees of edible vegetable oil for 10 minutes without oil leakage. When used for coated paper order packaging, take its waterproof characteristics. When used for automatic packaging machine packaging, take its thermostable characteristics.

Film paper is a kind of oil waterproof tensile strong edible packaging paper, is widely used in many industries, in the chemical industry: desiccant packaging, camphor ball, preservative, etc.; in food: hamburger bag, bread paper, etc.; in wood products: tongue board packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton stick; in paper: copper board packaging, light paper packaging, copy paper (neutral paper);

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