Greaseproof paper vs baking paper

Greaseproof paper the same as baking paper, oven paper, and steamer paper. The surface of this paper does not have the luster of oil paper, but it is oil-proof, waterproof and breathable. High temperature resistant to 180 degrees Celsius. It is mainly used for baking bread, baking cakes, and baking biscuits under the food to keep the baking pan clean. Its function is to prevent oil for a certain period of time


       Half-way light paper is also called oil paper, glassine paper, wax paper, steamer paper. The surface of this paper is super calendered, and the surface presents a shiny luster. The usage is basically the same as greaseproof paper, the biggest one is greaseproof. Waterproof is not as good as greaseproof paper.


       Silicone oil paper is also called baking paper and silicone-coated paper. Apply food-grade silicone oil on the basis of translucent paper or greaseproof paper. The advantages of this paper: good peeling degree, food is not easy to stick to the paper, high temperature resistance, and high price