Butter paper

1. Excellent grease resistance ability;
2. High wet strength;
3. Suitable for printing;
Excellent grease resistance ability
To be at their best until final use, butter and margarine needs a special grease-resistant wrapping paper. It is a stain-free packaging while preserving product freshness;
Our treated papers range offers from good to excellent grease resistance levels;
Apart from butter paper, we do a wide range of technologies to meet exactly your packaging needs;
High wet strength
The butter paper is high wet-resistant to keep packaging intact so that no moisture from the butter can get out, and no surrounding moisture from the shelf gets in.
Suitable for printing
Our butter paper can be directly printed. It allows the paper has a more traditional appearance.
OEM available

Our products are a variety of papers for domestic and foreign markets, including greaseproof paper, food packaging paper, sandwich paper, hamburger paper, wax paper, silicone paper, baking paper, white kraft paper, tissue paper, paper cups and other paper products for daily use.