Three safety risks of unsafe use of baking paper

Breaking the pulp to rearrange the wooden elastic fibers with a specific strength is called coating paper, and finally spraying silicone on it, which is now the daily process of making baking paper.So you know, in fact, if you do not use baking paper safely, there will be three safety risks, oh, today to take a look with Hong Chang.

The safety risks of baking paper comes from three places.

First, the applied baking paper substrate.

Parchment / translucent paper / high tightness and high smoothness overpressure sulfate pulp paper is several of the most common substrates found.But no matter what kind of substrate, we need to choose the baking paper made with raw pulp and pulp, raw pulp and paper using biological skills so that we do not add bleach and other damage additives.And more toughness, not easy to break, the use of the experience is good.

Second, the silicone coating is added to achieve its temperature resistance and stripping properties.

silicone coating now has several types: solvent free type> emulsion type> solvent type (safety comparison) among which emulsion type and solvent free type are the most popular manufacturing technology abroad.

The most commonly used technique in China stays in the solvent form.Its stripping effect is very good, easy to use, but in the process of use will occur a large number of solvent residue, to the environment and the health of workers are harmful.

Third, in order to speed up oil prevention and improper addition of oil agent.

Paper copying technology is a popular way to accelerate the baking paper at home and abroad.One of the safest way is to speed up the pulp of paper (copper on the net copy paper sheet, slurry sand filtration speed and slow) to improve the philicity and variability of paper elastic fiber.

The manufacturer is involved in the process of baking paper.The use of inferior building materials will occur in the baking process, although different degrees of toxicity will occur in the direct contact with the food link, and serious food safety problems will occur.Unsafe use of baking paper, the above are the points we should pay attention to. The baking paper produced by Hongchang is in strict accordance with the production requirements to ensure everyone's food safety problems.