Can wax paper be steamed?

Wax paper can be steamed, but the heat-resistant temperature is low and cannot be used for baking.

There are three main types of baking paper on the market today:

Grease-proof paper (also known as baking paper, oven paper, steamer paper) has no gloss on the surface of grease-proof paper. 

The main purpose of this paper is to put it under the food when baking bread, baking cakes, and baking biscuits to keep the baking pan clean.

The cake cup holder and the bag for the KFC chicken wings are made of greaseproof paper.

Its function is to prevent oil for a certain period of time. It can also be used for steaming steamed buns and steamed buns. 

When used, it is cut into small squares and placed under the steamed buns. The effect is very good and it saves the trouble of washing the gauze.

Translucent paper (called oiled paper by many sellers, also known as glassine paper, glossy paper, waxed paper, steamer paper) The surface of this paper is super calendered, and the surface presents a shiny luster.

Its usage is basically the same as greaseproof paper, the biggest difference is that it is not greaseproof, and its water resistance is not as good as greaseproof paper. 

There are many oil papers with different thicknesses in the market due to different weights. The usual weights are: 24 grams, 26 grams, 31 grams, etc. 

The lower the weight, the thinner the paper, and the higher the weight, the thicker the paper.