Butcher paper

Pink appearance is favored by numerous businessman, pink kraft butcher paper has become an indispensable food wrapping paper for families to wrap meat and bacon. Butcher paper is made from 100% pure wood pulp, and become FDA certificated/SGS tested, which ensure the use of absolute safety and health.

FDA approved
No ash
High wet strength
Keep moisture
Retain freshness
* MATARIAL: 100% wood pulp.
* WEIGHT: 40-70gsm
* COLOR: bleached, unbleached, pink
* MADE IN CHINA: 100% FDA Approved for direct food contact. All natural, Unbleached, Unwaxed, Uncoated food grade paper safe for you and your family.
* DURABILITY: Designed to maintain its strength and structure when wet or covered in oil.
* VERSATILE USE: Butcher Paper can be used for smoking meat, storing food, arts & crafts, gift wrap, etc. Excellent for serving sandwiches, burgers, fries, pizza, etc. for an elegant look with an easy cleanup. Use it as wrapping paper on the holidays and other special occasions.
*FUNCTION:Towards the end of cook time Pitmasters will wrap the meat to prevent it from becoming too dry or over smoked. The paper will absorb excess moisture to prevent the meat from being boiled. Smoke will pass through the paper to continue to give it that great smokey taste while not over-smoking it.
OEM available

Popular size
Roll: 18”*225feet 18”*200feet 12”*225feet
Sheets: 8”*11” 9”*12”
Jumbo Reel: Width 300mm/450mm/600mm

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