The difference between a common food paper

Food culture is an indispensable and important part of Chinese culture. Food culture with the social progress of colleagues, food accessories are also in common progress.

About food accessories, we have to mention food paper. This paper will explain the difference between several common food paper on the market.

Wax Paper 

Wax paper is the surface of the processing paper coated with wax, mainly used to wrap things, can play a moisture-proof role for food.

Wax paper can be steamed cooking, but low heat resistance temperature, can not be used as baking.

Silicone Parchment Paper 

In a broad sense, it refers to the paper that can prevent oil absorption and infiltration. Widely used in hamburgers, baked bread, biscuits, and other oily items packaging. Part of the oil-proof paper can be used for baking.

For food anti-oil paper, the paper surface without oil paper light, the main use is to bake bread, baking cake, baking cookies pad under the food, in order to keep the baking sheet clean, in a certain period of time to prevent oil effect, also suitable for cooking food.

Glassine paper 

Glassine paper has high temperature resistance, moisture-proof, oil-proof and other functions, generally used in food, medicine and other industries packaging.

The surface of the paper is super-rolled, with a shiny surface. Its usage is basically the same as oil proof paper, the biggest difference is not oil, waterproof is not as good as oil proof paper. Its usage is basically the same as oil proof paper, the biggest difference is not oil, waterproof is not as good as oil proof paper.

Food grade silicone oil paper

Food grade silicone oil paper is a kind of silicone treated high temperature resistant baking paper. Wide used, can be used in a variety of food to separate grease, prevent food adhesion. For example, when baking the cookies, pad them on the baking sheet to prevent the cookies from sticking, separate a small amount of spilled oil, and stick to the baking sheet is also better to clean.

Or the cake mold, toast box of the anti-adhesion effect is relatively poor, off the mold is not convenient, the food grade silicone oil paper can be cut into an appropriate size, pad in the mold inside, to facilitate the finished product off the mold. In addition, when making steamed buns, steamed buns and other Chinese snacks, you can also use a food-grade silicone oil paper cushion steamer, with the same anti-adhesion effect.

Food grade silicone oil paper this paper advantages: stripping degree is particularly good, food is not easy to stick to the paper, and high temperature resistance. It can be said that food grade silicone oil paper is the current, the most superior food paper on the market.

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