How to use parchment paper with tin foil

① Used as a tray. Spread a sheet directly on the baking sheet, and the honey juice from the roasted sweet potatoes will not stick to the baking sheet.

When there is a lot of oil and water in the baked goods, use tin foil to cover the whole baking pan to prevent sticking and oxidation of the plate (the standard baking pans of most ovens are not non-stick).

Then use it to grill chicken chops, and the oil will not flow everywhere. The chicken chops are crispy on the skin and juicy on the inside. The garlic roasted vegetables are really delicious~ There is a foil tray to hold them, and the juices from the vegetables will not run around.

There are also some pots that are coated, and protect them with tin foil to prevent the hard shell of seafood from scratching the coating.


This "water bath method" ancient cake is soft and delicious. If you have a live bottom cake mold at home, you need to use oiled paper and tin foil together. Spread Parchment baking paper into the mold for easy demoulding, and wrap tin foil on the outside of the mold to keep water out.

4. The difference between Parchment baking paper and tin foil

Parchment baking paper for baking generally refers to "silicon Parchment baking paper". Its surface has an oily coating, and its main function is to "anti-stick". For example, when baking bread and cakes, use it to prevent the dough from sticking to the mold.