What is the role of the paper used in the oven

Commonly used oven papers are: tin foil, grease proof paper

Tin foil    

Tin foil is used to prevent meat juices and grease from sticking to the baking sheet, and it is difficult to clean it.

When baking some tender food, use tin foil to avoid baking old and scorching.

When baking vegetables or fish, you can wrap them in tin foil and bake them until they are 7 years old.    

       This will evaporate some water vapor and the finished dish will not lose its flavor due to more water.

Oil-proof paper    

It can be used for steaming buns. Can also be used for steamed buns, etc., when used cut into a small square, placed under the bun bun, the effect is very good, save the trouble of washing gauze.

This paper has a shiny paper surface without greaseproof paper and can be used for baking bread, baking cakes, baking cookies when padded under the food to keep the zhidao baking pan clean. The cake cup holder and the bag that wraps the KFC chicken wings are made of greaseproof paper.