How to play baking?

Grease baking paper, oilcloth, and tinfoil are still unclear?How to play baking?

A lot of friends to Grease baking paper, oil cloth and tin foil difference has been unclear, let a person feel a headache, Grease baking paper, oil cloth, and tin foil is still silly confused?How to play baking?Today Hong Chang will tell you about.

01. baking paper

Grease baking paper is a kind of baking paper resistant to high temperature.

1. When baking the cookies, pad them on the baking network to prevent the cookies from sticking. A small amount of spilled oil is also easy to clean up on the baking network.

2. A piece of Grease baking paper can basically be used twice or 3 times. If the Grease baking paper changes color or sticks a lot of impurities, it should be replaced.

3. If the anti-adhesion effect of the cake mold and toast box purchased at home is poor and the mold removal is inconvenient, you can cut the Grease baking paper into an appropriate size and pad it inside the mold shell to facilitate the mold removal of finished products.

4. When making Chinese snacks such as steamed stuffed buns and white flour steamed buns, you can also use Grease baking paper to pad the steamer, which also has the same practical anti-adhesion effect.

02. Oil cloth

Oil cloth is a silicate resistant fiber cloth.

The practical effect of oil cloth is better than tin foil and Grease baking paper. It can be used repeatedly and easy to clean up. It is a good assistant for baking bread and cookies.

When using, it can be spread directly on the baking network, no need to sprinkle powder or apply oil, and pay attention not to fold when receiving.

03. Stin paper

The thermal conductivity of tin foil is very good, and has sealing.

1. When baking the cake, cover tin foil during the cake baking to prevent the surface from coloring too deep. In addition, another advantage is that the heat radiation on the cake can average the surface and reduce the surface cracking. When covering tin foil, move quickly to avoid the temperature in the oven from changing too much, and be carefully hot.

2. Friends who often barbecue can use it to wrap the meat food and bake it, so that the baked meat food is relatively tender and watery.

3. You can also wrap it into a solid bottom shell so you can bake it without buying a water bath cake

4. Tin foil is shiny on one side and matte on the other side.Matte noodles to touch the ingredients, bright noodles exposed outside.If you accidentally use the reverse, the photosensitive surface contacts the ingredients, which may cause the ingredients to stick to the tin foil.Tin foil is not allowed in the microwave.

Grease baking paper, oilcloth, and tin foil are still silly and confused?How to play baking?In the cake baking, Grease baking paper, tin foil, oil cloth have their own merits, Hongchang friendship reminds everyone, in the choice of everyone or these several can not fall, in case of a rainy day oh.