Very practical baking paper to use tips

Very practical baking paper to use tips

Today, Hong Chang came to teach friends very practical baking paper use tips, boring at home also can not use friends and Hong Chang together to learn to understand how to use it.At the time of making baking goods, it is always difficult to get off the mold, not clean and so on.Today, I teach my friends how to use baking paper to solve some small problems.

There are three kinds of baking paper on the market: oil paper, translucent paper (oil paper), and silicone paper.

[Oil-proof paper]: The paper of this paper contact surface oil-free paper light, the main purpose is to bake bread, baking cake, baking cookies pad under the food, to keep a stable baking sheet clean.

[Oil paper]: The contact surface after the super rolled light, the contact surface presents an oily luster.It is basically the same as oil paper, the biggest difference is not oil, water is not as good as oil paper.

[Silica oil paper]: It is a silicon oil coated with food grade classification on the basis of translucent paper or anti-oil paper.The advantages of this kind of paper: the stripping degree is particularly good, the food is not easy to stick to the paper, and the high temperature resistance, but the price is more expensive than the oil paper and the oil-proof paper.

How is a square baking sheet pad for baking paper

1. Melt the butter first and apply a brush on the baking sheet second

2. Cut the baking paper into the same size as the width of the baking sheet, with a slightly longer spacing, which is very convenient to pull.Spread the baking paper on the bottom of the baking sheet, and carefully tighten the right angles of the baking sheet.

3. Apply a layer of butter to the bottom of the next baking paper, take a page of baking paper, and put it into the baking tray.

4. As long as the cake is quietly lifted up, it can be removed smoothly, without spreading. The shape is regular, and the mold is also very clean.

Good, the above is hong Chang summed up the very practical baking paper use tips, you have understood it?Thanks for this reading, Hong Chang will bring you more and more practical tips.