Can the sandwich paper be put in the oven?

sandwich paper can be put in the oven, the sandwich paper is grease paper.

When baking the food in the oven, putting in the oil-absorbing paper can effectively avoid the food oil and other substances into the oven, thus reducing the difficulty of cleaning the oven.

Pay attention to the problem

Oven preheating

Before baking any food, the oven preheated to the specified temperature to match the baking time on the recipe. It takes about time to heat the oven, which may not reach the specified temperature. If the oven is heated for too long, it may affect the service life of the oven.

Bake height

Bake things in a small oven, basically just put the food in, but medium-sized ovens usually contain the upper, middle, and lower three-layer height options, as long as the recipe does not specifically indicate the upper and lower heat temperature, put the baking pan in the middle level.

If the heat temperature is high and the fire temperature is low, unless the fire of the oven can adjust the temperature separately, otherwise usually the upper and lower fire temperature is divided by two, and then put the baking pan on the upper layer, but still need to pay attention to whether the surface is too focused.