used baking paper

As a consumer of baking paper, many people are very concerned about the hygiene of kitchen products, and food safety is also the most concerned about by us today. Today, Hong Chang will talk to you about the daily performance of baking paper.

1. Temperature resistance

Due to the temperature limitation of baked cakes, cookies, etc., we generally need to use baking paper that can withstand 220℃ high temperature of 20min.The main chain of silicone stripping agent is the Si-O bond of inorganic substances, whose bond energy is much higher than the organic C-C bond energy and C-O bond energy, and has good high temperature resistance, so the paper coating with the stripping agent will improve the temperature resistance of the paper.

2. Forming degree

The molding degree of the baking paper is mainly to meet the use requirements of the cake cup.The average molding degree of bleached broad-leaved wood pulp is lower than that of bleached conifer wood pulp. Filling and very pressing light can reduce the molding degree of paper.Increase the pulp degree, surface immersion, paper molding degree has a trend of growth.And paper moisture is a better molding agent, research found that increase the paper moisture before priming, so that the paper residual water after priming is more, the molding degree of the paper is better.

3. Food safety factor

Because the baking paper not only directly touches the real object, but also needs to be baked at high temperature, so customers pay particularly close attention to the food safety factor of the baking paper.Today, the most widely recognized tests are the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certification and the German Federal Risk Institute (BFR) certification, which make detailed regulations on food touch paper and cardboard parts.

After reading the above, I must have some understanding of the baking paper, in fact, the kitchen product problems brought by food safety problems are constantly upgraded, it is a good thing for consumers, with peace of mind to eat peace of mind, thank you for today's reading of Hong Chang, we will see you next time.