Where to buy the oil paper to make the cake

Daily when making cake, some novice small white because is not familiar with the cake, cake finished product is not beautiful, but in fact, in fact, because you are making, did not choose to the right suction paper, or you forget this step, lead to cake and mold adhesion, so today hong chang will tell you, make cake with oil paper where to sell?

Like the kitchen oil-absorbing paper, it is usually sold online and in baking goods supermarkets.It can also be replaced with tin foil, but the cost is high, tin foil is generally sold in large supermarkets.

Cake oil paper, namely baking paper, can withstand high temperature, but also has a relatively high oil performance, in the baking work can be used to mat under the food, neither sticky nor bad.Tinfoil can also withstand high temperature and has the characteristics of baking paper.But its cost is relatively high, generally used for western food production, he can also be relatively baking paper water resistance, career can directly package the food for heating.Generally used in family baked food in microwave oven.

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