Greaseproof paper

At present, the following three main baking paper are on the market:

Greaseproof paper (Greaseproof paper is also known as baking tray paper, Baking paper, steamer paper) the paper surface without Grease paper light, the main use of Baking paper is bread, cake, baking cookies pad under food, to keep baking tray clean, cake cup and bag KFC wing bag are basically Greaseproof paper, its role is in a certain period of time, also can be used for steamed buns steamed bread, cut into a small square, under the steamed stuffed bun steamed bread, the effect is very good, save the trouble of washing gauze.

Translaline paper many people called greaseproof paper, also known as green paper, glossy paper, wax paper, steamer paper) the surface of the paper, shiny surface, it basically like greaseproof paper, the biggest difference is not oil, waterproof is not good baking paper, on the market due to different, thick different baking paper, usually can have: 24 grams, 26 grams, 31 g, 31 g, etc., the lower the thinner the paper, the higher the thicker paper.Silica oil paper (barbecue paper, baking paper, silicon paper) is translucent paper or greaseproof paper coated with food grade silicone oil, the advantage of this paper is particularly good stripping, the food is the least easy to stick to the paper and high temperature resistance, the disadvantage is the high price