Patty Paper
1. LOCK IN MOISTURE AND FLAVOR. Our wax-coated paper reduces the juice and grease bleed between sheets, preventing foods from contacting each other. This helps keep every burger fresh and juicy.
2. BE THE PERFECT HOST. Separate meats and cheeses from the local deli into meal size portions, have frozen burgers ready to be cooked, or use the patty paper to make taffy, chocolates, and caramels. Your home will be the one everyone wants to go to.
1. 100% FOOD SAFE WAX PAPER: Made of food grade paper, with wax coating, printed by food grade ink, with the characteristics of bright colors, distinct gradation, strong three-dimensional sense.It is thick wax paper and not tears easily.
2. Greaseproof ,waterproof, non-stick.
3. The material is 100% wood pulp paper, it become more and more popularized by market and related departments because of the environmental protection and regeneration, with the characteristics of perfect molding effect, fast speed, high efficiency during packaging.
4. Mainly used for various of food packaging, such as bubble gum, candy, hamburger, sandwich, bread & snack etc.
5. OEM available