Fulton Biodegradable Non Stick Silicone Precut Parchment Paper Sheets For Baking


We supply precut parchment paper ranging from 35gsm to 60gsm. It is double sides silicone coated on parchment paper, which is made of 100% pure virgin wood pulp and manufactured by strict food standard production technical. It is eco-friendly, without pollution or addition of fluorescent agent. It has the properties of non-stick, anti-moisture, water resistance, grease resistance, excellent smoothness and uniformity. It can withstand 230°C high cooking temperature. Our baking paper is suitable for steaming, baking, roasting. Moreover, it can be reused for several times. It is widely used for baking breads, cakes, biscuits, meat, fish, etc.

It is SGS certified. Our premium quality baking paper has been exported to Europe, America, Austria and other overseas countries, receiving favorable comments from our clients.