Non- Stick Round Freezer Paper Butter Meat Burger Wrapping Paper, Freezer Paper Proof Wrapping Paper

Our Advantages:

1. Professional, specialized paper factory only for foodservice industry, over 11 years.
2. Strict quality control, from paper manufacturing to printing, slitting, rewinding to packing.
3.Quality guaranteed, supplier of KFC, Woolworths, Metro, Willton, Jana etc.
4. Foods safety, Kosher, SGS and ISO certified.
5. Paper customized as per customers' requirements.
What's the paper used for?

Wax paper are ideal for wrapping fruits, vegetables, candies and meat etc

1.100% virgin wood pulp imported from Canada
2.Double sides food grade olive wax coated
3.Reusable 4-5 times, high strength,smooth surface
4.Great for microwaves and the freezer